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Smoke Removal Air Purification Ashtray

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Color: Gray

Sku: CJYD170242602BY

Introducing our innovative Smoke Removal Air Purification Ashtray, the perfect solution for smoke-prone spaces. This sleek and stylish ashtray not only provides a designated spot for ashes but also works diligently to purify the surrounding air, eliminating harmful smoke particles and odors. Its advanced filtration system effortlessly captures and traps smoke, ensuring that the air you breathe remains clean and fresh. With a user-friendly design, this ashtray is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Say goodbye to lingering smoke and hello to a cleaner, healthier atmosphere with our Smoke Removal Air Purification Ashtray – the ultimate addition to any smoking area.


1. Durable. Made from very durable ABS plastic Easy to use, and easy to clean up.
2. A creative ashtray with an air purifier releases negative ions and air, multipurpose.
3. Convenient. Powerful, one button open, low, efficient, system 3600 RPM.
4. The ashtray tray is specially designed with four small grooves for fixing. cigarette butts, lightweight. Small size, easy, and convenient to carry.

Product information:

Noise: less than 36dB
Power type: battery type
Applicable scenario: family
Color: battery style starry sky green (English), battery style fashion Gray (English), battery style modern white (English), square (green) English, square (gray) English, square (blue) English
Energy efficiency level: Level 1 energy efficiency
Applicable people: Smokers
Applicable area: 11 ㎡ (inclusive)-20 ㎡ (inclusive)
Function: eliminate odor, remove odor, mute design
Style: creative style, simple style, Nordic style

Packing list:
Host * 1 Instruction * 1 Aromatherapy tablets * 1 

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